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The Global Cooling Network provides a way for each of us to assist in the sustainability of our environment for generations to come.


The concept is that people who want to take care of the planet would all like to preserve a million acres of forested land, but most of us don't have the resources to make that happen. If we band together, we can do it. The Global Cooling Network provides the opportunity for those concerned about the environment to help preserve 1,000,000 or more acres of forested land.


We are an all-volunteer organization. All of the money donated goes straight to preserving forested land! We have five members on our Board of Directors: a real estate attorney, a title insurance expert, and three experienced professionals with broad networks of contacts. Additionally, there are volunteers writing federal grant proposals and a web developer.


To preserve as many acres of forested land as possible in its natural undeveloped state

The purpose of the Global Cooling Network (GCN) is:

1. Counteract the effects of climate change, thereby advancing the quality of the environment

2. Preserve forested land for animals

3. Preserve forested land for people to enjoy


GCN is taking actions to restore 1 million acres of land to its natural, forested state. GCN accepts donations of land easements, real estate, cash and volunteer hours. Our officers, directors, and volunteers have a strong desire to help the planet.

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